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April 16, 2018
Ideas For Your Reception Food
April 16, 2018

Everybody wants their wedding reception to be one of its kind. It is an unforgettable day for every couple hence they want it to be as unique as it could be. One must never forget that the main attraction in every wedding party is to dress up and eat good food. Food is the best way to get in the right books of your guests at the wedding reception party. There have been several Catering Trends since the beginning of time. Many styles went on to evolve into something different today. The trend today is to make things look as good as they are in taste. It is not any more about taste alone.

There are various catering trends that you would be surprised to know about. Any of these trends are not an exclusive trend suggested by a famous caterer. These are simple things that can make an enormous difference at your wedding catering.

The colour game: Colour is a crucial element, and we can play with colours even when serving food to the guests. While planning the menu, you can decide what colour combination can be made with different food items. There can be something that matches with the couple’s signature colour for the whole wedding. A chef can prepare a dessert with different pieces which not only taste fantastic but also looks good. For a black and white theme party, serving black and white cookies or Oreo in dessert is a good option. Ice cream sandwiches can be served that has chocolate layer and an ice-cream layer of some different colour. There can be a cake with velvety looking smooth white cream and dark chocolate.

There can be game and colour: There can be a short game where a guest of yours has to play the role of a bartender. The caterer will assemble all the necessary items for a drink of choice. They can serve colourful liqueurs or contrast colour cocktails to the guests. It can be prosecco, champagne and sparkling wine from California. Liqueurs such as Midori, Chambord, St. Germain and Schnapps can be served with fruit juices. Lastly different coloured fruits could be used for garnishing such as white grapes, peaches and pears.

Custom food option: Live cooking in the wedding reception is a good option if you have organised the wedding outdoors. A few dishes can be made available on the spot. Your guests can customise the food as per their needs and wants. These kind of options are perfect for cocktail time. They are fun options and offer some delicious food. It is like taking the traditional catering style to another level. You can have a ceviche bar that will provide fish cuisines. A Fondue cart can be an option for people not very fond of fish. All of this can be served with fresh veggies contrasting in colour. Fresh fruits can also be used to garnish the freshly made food item.

Light food: Heavy food is not a compulsion for wedding reception parties. There can be a few light food items that can serve a large crowd. These items are healthy and still won’t affect your pocket much. You can serve them during the cocktail time. There can be small balls of mozzarella or pure olives that are fried in basil oil, and there can be lettuce wraps along with chicken or whatever you want. It should be a dish that looks attractive too. By including so many fresh produce on the menu, you are serving delicious food for the party.

Where this was the list of understanding what all to do, there is a small list of things that should not be done in a wedding party at all. Do not make the buffet boring by including items like garlic bread, iceberg lettuce or rubbery chicken. Diet food should also be served like a variety of salads. Avoid making too much of food, instead focus on varieties. This reduces the chance of food wastage. Variety enables people to try a lot, but they happen to eat less in return. This will save you a good deal of money, and there will be very less wastage of food. Avoid serving sugary snacks in the afternoon as it is snack time. Proteins can be a good snack item.

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