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Cakes By Cindy is the place to be when you need catering, tips, trends and ideas for wedding, parties and reception. We know that any celebration is incomplete without a yummy cake and delicious food. A beautifully decorated venue and mouth-watering cake can take a wedding or a birthday from dip to hip in seconds.

Latest Trends in Wedding

The only way to make a wedding memorable for the guests is to make it unique. The best way to do is to follow the latest wedding trends. Today we give you some ideas on weddings and receptions. Start with the invitations, make sure to choose one that is out of the box. We mean think really different. The next tip is to get the most gorgeous bridesmaids dresses possible. The latest trends give you a lot leeway. From ball gowns to breezy silhouette dresses, the choice is open. The gist is to be as inimitable as possible to make your wedding unforgettable.

When it comes to the wedding or 25th-anniversary celebration ideas, just tend to disappear from the mind. Just when you need the most dazzling decor and yummy and luscious food, Cakes By Cindy comes to your rescue.

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Catering Trends

A celebration is almost empty if there is no food. When the food is sub-par, the party is considered a bust. Thankfully the catering trends at present allow for many different kinds of ideas. From traditional three-course dinners to the maverick breakfast parties, catering has become entertaining and modern. One such trend is food stations. Depending upon the season, the party or celebration the type of station can change. From Mexican treats to creamy desserts to mini burgers, one can have as many stations as one want.

If you are thinking of sit down dinner party, then the best catering trend for you is carving at the table. It is a bit traditional but also very entertaining. For hosts who are nature-enthusiasts, an eco menu is the way to go. Cater the party with sustainable and organically produced food. Think seasonal and locally grown vegetables and fruits.

Wedding Catering Tips

One of the most significant investments in any wedding is the catering. The food not only costs a pretty penny, but it also asks for your time and effort. One has to decide the menu, the cutlery, the theme and million other little decisions. Since food is the number one anchor of any wedding, this hard work is paid off. We bring to you some wedding catering tips that will help lessen this burden and make the day extra special.

The first tip is to have a food budget. When you and your caterer know the upper limit, deciding upon the number of courses and dishes can become more natural. The perfect menu comes that much closer when the chef knows how much you are ready to spend. Another tip is to use a theme and make the food around it. A theme not only adds a personal and individual touch to the wedding day, but it also turns it extraordinary.

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