How To Design Effective Food Packaging?

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Knowing The Aim Of Package Designing

How many times have you selected a product just because its packaging design attracted you? While we never judge something by appearance, we opt for things that can leave a good first impression. These days product packaging designs matter a lot, that many students plan to get certifications from reputed product design colleges in Chennai. Protecting the product is the primary function of packaging food; however, the aim behind packaging designs is to attract potential customers.

Food Packaging Marketing Tips

Here are some top food packaging marketing tips for you.

1. Understand The Brand Identity

Customers always get attracted to a brand, be it a TV or magazine. When you plan to develop your food packaging design, there should be clarity about your brand identity. So how will you identify the brand? First, you should ask yourself questions such as how your product is different from other similar items currently on the market, what age group you are targeting, etc. Once you answer these questions, you can be sure that the food package design goes with your brand identity. If you plan to launch a new product, your packaging should strongly show your brand message through the company design and logo.

2. Form And Function

Product design colleges in Chennai always teach the potential food packaging designer about food product safety and protection rules. It is quite important that when you are shipping a product to a retailer, customer, or distributor, it should arrive in the same condition as when you shipped it. Retailers can take action by reducing money from the invoice for the damaged product costs.

Food packaging should also inform the customers about the product’s features in a way customers can easily understand. This is because it takes only less than a minute to create a first impression on customers.

3. Important Packaging Questions

When you plan to launch a new product, ensure to ask the below questions.

Packaging Materials: To retain the maximum product freshness, what materials should you opt for? Will it harm the environment?

Packaging Construction: What type of container will be the best for product support?

Size Of the Package: Will the container or package’s size and shape make it difficult to ship the products to distributors and retailers?

Easy Storage: What would be the product’s secondary packaging cost?

Shelf life: How long can the goods sit on the shelf before someone buys them?

Information: What all things should I need to capture to display on the product package?

An image representing the types of Food Packaging

4. Material And Design Drive Costs

Packaging has a major role to play in making the product launch successful. The cost can add up quickly; however, you should be flexible and consider options that can be functional and, at the same time, should be eye-catching.

Key cost factors for food packaging includes-

5. Materials – Earlier, the packaging materials included glass, aluminium, paper, and plastic. However, these days people prefer eco-friendly packing materials.

6. Design- During the design and development phase, you will get an opportunity to save some money. Plan to interview some good designers to lock the best price. There will be many freshers who are just out of the design college in Chennai or a startup firm. Before you hire people, ensure that you go through their sample work and are satisfied with their work.

7. Long-term Savings- Since there are many new technologies available these days, make sure to use them wisely. When you plan to move to automated wrapping from hand-wrapping, you will incur additional capital costs to buy an automated wrapping machine. However, it can reduce the labor cost to an extend. With a machine-made packaging design, there are chances that the retailers may buy more products because of the consistent look of the packaging.

Selecting a food packaging design is as important as any other decisions you make about your product. Sometimes, people tend to forget about the packaging design while on the run to launch the product in the market as soon as possible. Before a new product launch, one needs to understand that it is the first impression that lasts longer, and only a perfect food packaging design can impact the customers. Know More

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