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Food processing is an industry that exists to transform raw materials into consumable foods and beverages

Food processing is an industry that exists to transform raw materials into consumable foods and beverages. It takes the products of farmers, manufactures them, processes them, packages them in a variety of forms (for example, canned goods), and then distributes them throughout the world. There are numerous job opportunities available in this field, ranging from production line workers to accountants – something for everyone!

Food technology is a rapidly growing industry in contemporary society. It’s a field that will never run out of new innovations and ideas to investigate – which makes it ideal for those interested in pursuing careers in the sciences for the rest of their lives!

In today’s world, where everything changes and evolves at breakneck speed, individuals can always find work in their desired fields. Food Technology is one such career path, as this burgeoning scientific field is brimming with openings and opportunities…

Food scientists and technologists are a small group of individuals who make significant contributions to the production, processing, storage, and safety of food. They collaborate closely with farmers to develop new foods and improve existing ones, as well as to create healthier ways for others to meet their basic needs on any budget.

Employment Statistics:

Ms. Mariana Joseph from Techfetch RPO (, one of the best RPO firms shares her views on the emerging job roles in the Food Processing Industry, “The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an 8% increase in employment for food scientists and technologists through 2020, but the industry is small to begin with, so opportunities are limited.

Indeed, the majority of jobs are created in the private sector, where demand may be high due to manufacturing requirements. In the recent years, there were more than 20,000 people employed in this field, which equates to more than 1,000 new jobs over a decade (8 percent ). This results in many highly educated individuals struggling not only financially, but also professionally; unable to find work that utilizes their skill sets or pays them what they deserve, and we can’t help but wonder if it’s time for a change”.

Food Technology As a Business:

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the largest employer of food technologists is scientific research firms. Many others run their own businesses, providing consulting and other services to manufacturers. The manufacturing sector has the highest concentration of positions in this field, with many large corporations like Kraft Foods employing hundreds of thousands of people across the country; however, plenty of people end up freelancing or starting their own businesses!

Career in Food Technology:
The stomach is the gateway to the heart of a food scientist. Anyone interested in pursuing a career in food science must first obtain some form of education in the field. Several common ways include earning a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a subject related to the industry, such as microbiology or chemistry, but not limited to those two major categories, which encompass all of the fields necessary for entering this type of career path, such as business management, quality assurance procedures, and a variety of other aspects.

Innnovation in Food Processing Technology:

Consider a world devoid of innovation. The kitchen would be stocked with the same dishes we’ve been eating for years, and those who aren’t food professionals would be afraid to experiment with anything other than microwaveable dinners or store-bought instant noodles. However, one profession has developed an obsession with breaking this mold: Food Scientists!

Not only do they create delectable new recipes for all of us to enjoy, but they also work tirelessly to improve our manufacturing processes so that future generations of children can grow up in an environment where it is safe to eat whatever you want, whenever you want (and yes, this includes vegetables).
Food production is a dynamic and growing industry, which means there are always new opportunities for those interested in entering the field. If you’re looking for an exciting opportunity with lots of room for growth, contact us today! We’ll assist you in locating the ideal position within food technology. Read More

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