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April 16, 2018
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May 12, 2018

With the use of wise selection, you can serve yourself and your guests with the most exquisite cuisine and that too in a planned budget that is not too high. There are excellent Catering Ideas to bring down the overall cost. Reception menu is not that easy to decide, but it is not very difficult either. If you are not a very good party planner, you will end up feeling overwhelmed by the entire menu the caterer shows you. However, our ultimate desire is to serve something special at the reception. The most prominent wedding dinner trend recently has been an interactive station for serving customised food to the guests.

There can be a few fixed items prepared at the station in which people can get minimum modifications base don’t heir requirement. Guests can take their food, sit and enjoy the meal while they talk with family and friends. Let us discuss some of the most exciting food options for your wedding reception. Serve Lobsters with a side option like mashed potato. It looks elegant and serves as a really delicious treat for the guests. For those who love dieting, keep a salad option that will also serve your guests who are on a diet. The Couscous and vegetable salad is an excellent vegetarian option.

Depending on which season you are getting married in there can be a seasonal item. Some vegetable along with meat that is popular that season can be served. There can be a seasonal flavouring or seasoning with sauces along with any food item. Green beans are a healthy food delight that is also crunchy and tasty to eat. Green beans and Filet Mignon can be served at a wedding. We can add further options also depending on what the budget allows us. There can be plenty of others that will inevitably mesmerise your guests.

Who doesn’t love barbeque, well all of us do, and it is a good option for a wedding reception too. Some might feel sceptical about it, however serving your barbeque favourites is a great option these days. It is like a safe side as everybody loves barbeque items like biscuits, mac and cheese and fried chicken. Since barbeque food item can be heavy, serve it with a seasonal salad. A small quantity of salad is also a good option with barbeque items. It will allow some room in those foodie’s bellies at your wedding.

Paramount to everything is that you provide your guests with a menu card before the dinner, lunch or whatever you are serving at the wedding. This will give the guests a pretty good idea of what all they have to munch upon. For a formal wedding keep a few items, served by waiters on all the tables. While this could be the lunch style in the evening, you can serve mini pastries, meat or cheese. There can be a buffet at a formal wedding too where people can have different options to try. Informal dining is no less of an exciting part of a wedding party.

Afternoon coffee or tea can be served during the lunchtime. For lunch, people have to go to the buffet line and collect their food. After getting their food, they can sit down and eat in a relaxed manner. Depending on the theme different types of China can be rented. There can be a mix of informal and formal too as it is an age of fusion we should not stick to something very stringently. Serve your guests with the best quality food and they will never forget about the wedding. Serving smart can save you money as well as avoid any wastage of food.

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