Popular Wedding Food Trends Of The Year 2018
April 16, 2018
Most Popular Wedding Catering Styles
April 16, 2018

Catering is an art which is more than just serving food to people on occasions like wedding. People might forget the way decoration is done, what dress everybody wore but a person will always remember the food. It goes deep in everybody’s memory lane when it comes to food or catering for a special occasion. It is a catalyst for every wedding party. Food and the way it is served makes people happy like nothing else. Choosing the menu is an integral part of catering too. It can affect your budget, and the fun people have at the wedding. People who do not have the time to run after all this can take Catering Tips from their married friends.

In order to create a fabulous menu discuss it with caterers, first as it is one thing that takes most of your budget. An unplanned food list could be a disaster. Therefore before going through the designs of the catering area and all other factors decide what food they are going to serve. When choosing the food item, select something that goes well with the wedding style. In a high-class party, one may have staff waiting for every guest. Usually, in parties, we have buffet system when people serve themselves, and a seating arrangement could be made for them to sit and eat.

If the wedding party is at night, you have to serve a whole meal. People save money by marrying in the morning time so that there is only a need to serve the guests brunch. Evening weddings will have starters and appetisers in the beginning. Also, the menu must be such that everybody likes it and not just a few people. There should be options for vegetarian people as many people are going vegan these days. To suit everybody’s taste, you can have few safe side options like salads, dessert, protein dishes, etc. After the food item names are decided, we need to move on to planning the catering service.

First of all, prepare a guest list as nobody wants to have leftover food after the wedding. On the other hand we also do not want there to be a shortage of food, so usually, there is a buffer of 10% provided to the caterer. However, if there is a greater variety of food, the buffer might not be needed actually. It typically acts to reduce the quantity of food that people consume. Hence, even if you have an arrangement for just the number of people coming there will not be any shortage.

Then we have to arrange the setup of the catering. Usually, there is a pre-booking before a year or more the actual dates are confirmed six months before. Couples like to have a theme catering so you can select a package with your wedding planner to arrange for the same. In fact, merely leaving it on the wedding planner is also a good option as they are very professional in these matters.

Usually, wedding dinner or lunch is served in any one of the following styles Western sit down, Chinese banquet, Standing buffet, Cocktail reception, Cocktail Butler and Sit-down Buffet. The form depends on the theme of the entire wedding as chosen by the couple. Suppose your wedding is going to have a lot of guests then a standing buffet or a buffet with long seating tables is a good option. The trend of outdoor weddings is increasing. Hence you must serve food that suits such style. Fusion cuisine can be an incredibly useful option for outdoor weddings.

Now people remain more concerned about the way food is presented than the quality of the food. Hence, the caterer you hire must have the capability of offering novelty dishes. The arrangement must be unique so that people feel special about the wedding. When you showcase something beautiful and unique at your wedding people remember it forever, they even discuss it with their known ones. It is a unique feeling in itself to get that little amount of publicity from your friends and family relating to your wedding. You can also enjoy the limelight by throwing an exciting yet straightforward wedding party. Hire some jazzy caterer and let the food do the job.

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