Things to Know About FSSAI License For Catering Business

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FSSAI License For Catering Business

The catering industry is the most thriving industry in India. It is essential that you register for the FSSAI license for your catering business. It is not an easy process, and you must be aware of certain formalities for the registration of FSSAI license. The following are the procedure for FSSAI registration and the criteria that every catering service provider must satisfy.

Registration of the catering service is mandatory under the Food Safety and Standards Authority Of India. The state authority and municipal authority offers the food registration certificate to catering service providers.

Firstly the catering service providers must fill the FORM A along with photograph and necessary documents for the registration process. A fee of Rs.100 should be paid to the registration authority. Authorities perform inspection based on which the certificate can be rejected or approved. The following are the essential criteria to be followed by the catering service provider.

  • The place where the catering business is set up should be free from pollution from several sources.
  • Make sure that you have adequate storage for raw materials
  • The cooking should take place in hygienic conditions, and there should not be any contamination of food.
  • The staff should be trained about personal hygiene.
  • Make sure that the vessels used are clean and free from dust.


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