Gift Giving Etiquettes You Must Follow at a party

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Offering and receiving gifts are always special for everyone. People gift their loved ones on special occasions. Gift giving is an art, and it is not easy for people to find the right gifts for their loved ones. You have to know about certain gift-giving etiquettes, and this would help to choose the perfect gift for your loved one.

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The following are some of the rules or etiquettes that you should follow when you gift your loved one.

Know the Recipient
You must know about the recipient for whom you offer gifts. The recipient may be your friend, your relation, or someone close to your heart. Make sure that the gift you choose is based on the need of the recipient. Know about their taste, preferences and their personal choices. Some of them may love to receive a bunch of flowers, and some would be pleased with some useful gift stuff.

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It is important that you buy a perfect gift for anyone. Usually, recipients love to receive personalised gifts for their loved ones. So always customise the gift that you offer for your loved one. You can also choose a gift that are memorable, e.g. a photo frame with a photo collage that make you remember certain things.

Gift Based On Occasion
You can gift based on the occasion, say when you gift for a birthday, choose gift suitable for a birthday. If it is for Christmas, pick gifts that are perfect for the occasion. So know the occasion and accept gifts based on it.

Gift Exchange
There are specific rules when gifting. There are certain situations when you have to gift people as return gift when some people gift you certain things. Certain occasions like birthdays, weddings and other events do not demand a return gift. A simple thank you would be sufficient when you receive gifts.

Group Gifting
There are situations when you wish to gift your close colleague in your office on a special occasion. You may feel An Image Shows Full of Color Papers and 2 Party Caps which Resembles exact Party Mode.guilty to group one individual in a group. It is entirely your decision to gift a person, and you must not feel guilty for it. It is based on your closeness with the people in the group. If you wish you can offer gifts to everyone or gift your colleague in private.

Party Etiquette
When your friends or relatives host a party for you, then you have to offer a gift to them as a token of appreciation. It is not necessary that you should provide your host with an expensive gift. A simple gift would be enough.

Did You Miss The Occasions?
There may be situations when you might forget your closed one’s birthday or wedding anniversary. Do not feel awkward in those situations. You can send a gift with a sorry note or an explanatory note in case you forget your closed one’s birthday or other special events.
The above are some of the gift giving etiquettes that you must follow when gifting your loved ones.


  1. Adhithy says:

    It is rare to find an article that gives “Know the recipient” its due importance. It is genuinely the first rule of gift giving. I share a simple trick to finding out what the receiver likes or loves. The goal is to listen to them in daily life and make a note of any wishes they express.

  2. Juliet says:

    A vital point that has been skipped in the gift exchange etiquette is the monetary value. Most people assume that a return gift should be of equal value. It is not true. When giving gifts the aim should be to shell out an amount with which one is comfortable.

  3. Navaneetha says:

    The one crucial etiquette that is missing, from an otherwise exceptional blog, is cultural awareness. In today’s glocal world, it is essential to understand the traditions and norms of people to whom the present is being given. You don’t wish to offend or embarrass them with your gift.

  4. Poorna says:

    A little addition to group gifting is to present the gift in a discreet manner if you are only giving it to one person. The rule of thumb, as correctly said in the article, to only offer a gift to those you feel inclined to, but it shouldn’t make others feel left out.

  5. Devika says:

    The rule explained in party etiquette is slightly incomplete. Gifts that honour a host mandatorily should not be extravagant or overly personalized. Such presents have to be simple like flowers or holiday-themed gift as they are mere tokens of appreciation.

  6. Vaishnavi says:

    The post helped me to understand the etiquettes to be followed when offering gifts. Several online gift shops have made it easy to choose a perfect gift for your loved ones. I ordered a gift online for my friend and she loved it.

  7. Dhilipan says:

    The post helped me to understand that I must choose gifts based on the likes and taste of the recipient. My cousin sister loves flowers and so I ordered a colorful flower bouquet on her birthday. She loved the floral gift.

  8. Sachin says:

    It is really important to personalize the gifts that you offer to your loved one. This would show your love and care towards. A personalized gift is the latest trend today when gifting people closed to your heart. This post gives some ideas on personalized gifts.

  9. Abhay says:

    Was really worried as I forgot to wish my friend on her birthday. I very much wanted to gift her fashion jewellery which she loves to wear. As suggested in the above post, I have decided to gift her with a sorry note

  10. Naveen says:

    The post helped me to understand gift-giving rules when working in a group. I used to think that only expensive can impress the reciepient. I came to know that even a simple and cheap gift can win the hearts of our loved ones.

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