The Best Guide To Selecting A Wedding Hall

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A lot of couples have a dream wedding venue set in their souls long before the date is decided. For such brides and grooms, selecting the ideal marriage hall is simple. But, we know, that for most couples choosing the venue is the most significant decision that takes the most effort. The task magnifies if the celebration is going to be a destination wedding. The list of choices is endless ranging from Vastu compliant Wedding halls like Chennai Convention Centre to ancient churches. Thankfully, a simple guide that explains 3 factors can be used to spot your dream wedding venue.

• How long is your guest list?

It is basic maths that you can fit comfortably 100 people in a hall that is meant for 50. While you can adjust the reverse, a too big venue with too little guests makes a party look dull. Therefore, the first pointer to picking an excellent site for your wedding is to find out the number of guests attending the wedding. The exact number is not required, but a ballpark figure will help you cut down a few options from the long list. Leave only those potentials that will ensure that the celebration is neither too cramped nor vacant-looking.

Tables and chairs arranged for seating with flower vase placed on tables and beautifully decored hall.Where is the wedding hall located?

Considering the location of a venue may seem like overkill, but believe us at the D-Day it is the most vital. You do not want to spend your wedding day explaining the directions to your venue. Thus, leave on the potential’s list only those marriage halls that are easy to reach. Something like Chennai Convention Centre that is comfortable connected to one of the main roads and has access to all kinds of conveyance is apt.

For those couples, who have many guests flying in for the day, the best venue would be one near the airport. A better one would be close by to the airport with accommodation for the invitees staying overnight. Also, the location becomes crucial if the reception and the wedding are at two different venues. Bear in mind that the two places should not be too far apart or the guests will have a hard time reaching them.

How much can you pay?

The most practical condition while searching for a marriage venue is the budget. Finding the hall, you have always envisioned getting married in, is of no use if it is not affordable. The trick is to write down your financial limit and then only include those venues that fall within it. Do not waste time looking over halls that require far more than what you can shell out. On that path lies just heartbreak, disappointment and complete wastage of time.

As long as these three elements are considered, finding the right venue for a wedding becomes straightforward and effortless. One last tip for the day is to always move forward with an open mind. Believing that there will be some venue that will leave you breathless is foolhardy. Most often it is the unexpected venues that throw the most memorable weddings.


  1. Narumugai says:

    An extremely practical guide to choosing a wedding venue but I would reverse the order of the factors. The most crucial and pivotal element is the budget. Always decide it first before considering any other pointer. Though, it should be cleared, that the number of guests will affect the budget too.

  2. Carun says:

    Over the years of wedding planning, I have learned that an easy trick to comparing venues is to create a spreadsheet. Use the factors explained in the article and then write it down under each location. It will give an organised way to track and then review them.

  3. Priyanka says:

    Great article! One addition I would make is to the budget factor. A lot of venues seem to be cheap. Be aware, if these locations include transportation, all rentals, caterer, etc. A more expensive site would, generally, incorporate each of these items and more. Hence, be cheaper in the bigger picture.

  4. Sowmiya says:

    A point that the post skipped, most probably because it is obvious, is the date of availability. What many couples fail to consider is that their dream venue might be booked on their wedding day. It is best to find out beforehand if they are open for booking on your dates.

  5. Ananya says:

    I honestly appreciated the guest list part because it helped me weed out a lot of options. Another way to shortlist locations is to know if the venue fits the needs of the wedding. For example, a hall that has no space for a cocktail party might not be ideal for some.

  6. Visalakshi says:

    From my experience I would tell you that choosing a wedding venue is not an easy task. This is because we have to look for various factors as mentioned above. The above post would make the process simple and easy. thanks for the informative post.

  7. Saravanan says:

    Really a practical guide on selecting the right venue for your wedding. By following the above recommendations you can choose a suitable wedding venue that would make your guests feel happy. I would recommend this post to my friends and relatives.

  8. Sumathi says:

    It is important that you choose a wedding venue which can be reached easily by your guests. Checking for the transport facilities available in the locality would make the wedding venue accessible. The above article emphasis on the importance of choosing the right wedding venue based on the locality.

  9. Kaekae says:

    It is true that budget plays an important role in choosing a wedding venue. I wished to hire a wedding venue for my daughter which is close to my house. Due to financial constraint, I was unable to book the wedding hall.

  10. Divya says:

    Know about the number of guests who would attend your wedding. This would help to choose the wedding venue with the right seating capacity. choosing a small wedding hall for a big crowd would make your guests feel uncomfortable.

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