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The time between engagement and marriage is a bliss in the beginning; the responsibility of the wedding planning creeps in as the wedding date nears. Wedding planning is not an easy task, but the excitement associated with it makes it special. There are a lot of things to be planned for the big day. The more time you spend for the preparations, the more relaxed you can be on your wedding day. So what are the things that have to be planned for a wedding? Here are the details!

Choose the date rightly

The first thing to do is to choose a date which is convenient to both the families. Pick the date in such a way that you have sufficient time for the wedding preparation. Weekends would be easy for the guests to come; so they are the preferable days.

The following instructions are based on the assumption that you have eight to nine months for the wedding preparation. If you do not have that much time, then also the order of the plan is the same; but you would have to get them done within a short period. That’s it!

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First things first- Things to do 8 to 9 months before the wedding

Estimating the budget is a very vital task in wedding planning. Are you planning to use your own savings? Are your parents or siblings sharing the expenses? Discuss these things and estimate your budget.

Decide the wedding events. Indian weddings usually have many events associated with it. So how many additional events are you planning to have other than the wedding ceremony and reception? This is the best time to decide.

Book the venues for the events. Nowadays the venues, especially which are in great demand get booked many months ahead of the wedding date. So do it as soon as the date is fixed. If you are very particular about a venue, then it is better to have its availability checked before finalizing the date.

Choose the caterers and decorators. Expert caterers and decorators would have their whole year packed with bookings. So, in order to get their service, you would have to book them months before the wedding date. Check the reviews about them with your family or friends before finalizing. Choose the best ones which go within your budget.

Three to four months before the wedding date

It’s time to place an order for invitation cards. Choose the design according to your preference and confirm the order.

If you have music, DJ, etc. planned, then this is the time to search for the good ones. Explore your options and finalize the good ones. Block their dates. This is the time to confirm the photographers and videographers also.

If you are expecting outstation guests, then you have to take care of their accommodation facilities. Depending on the demand for such facilities in your area, do the booking of rooms. If they are easily available, and need not be booked months ahead, then you can keep this step for later.

If you are planning to get your wedding costumes designed, then you should consult with the designers and start the preparations.

Design the theme of the wedding if you wish to have a particular theme for the events. Complete the designing part now so that you have enough time to get ready for the implementation.

Two to one month before the wedding

Start shopping for the wedding costumes as well as the accessories. Try out some of the best known designers like The Fair Lady Designer from Diadem Wedding Gowns, Chennai, Anju Shankar from Zari and so on.Meet the caterer and decorator and finalize the menu and the theme of decoration. Order the wedding cake. Start inviting your guests. Make the necessary arrangements for registering the marriage. Start shopping for the wedding costumes as well as the accessories. If you are planning a specially designed costume, get in touch with the designer you have already booked and do the required shopping accordingly. Complete all the wedding shopping.

If you are the bride, then it is your duty to book the best bridal makeup artist to present yourself in your best on the wedding day. Confirm the date and time with him/her and make sure of their availability.

Contact the vendors whom you have booked before and remind them of the dates and finalize the availability once again. Give advance payments if required and keep the receipts.

One week before

Assign the small tasks of your wedding day to your relatives and friends.

Finally, on the wedding day, make sure everything goes as per the plan, and the guests are comfortable. Relax and enjoy your special day!


  1. Hunter says:

    Great post! These checklists are much important for a big occasion like a wedding.Right from choosing costumes and selecting the best bridal makeup artist is important.Thanks for sharing.

  2. Shravathy says:

    The article correctly puts planning the budget as the priority. A factor that could also have been included in this point is open communication. Financial topics make most people uncomfortable, but for wedding planning they are pivotal. Be crystal clear on what your limits are before any decision is made.

  3. Jeni says:

    Just like as the article recommends for caterers and decorators, I believe it is important to get reviews of venues too. It is very common to be disappointed by a location that brides and grooms had their heart set on. Before booking, always talk to couples who tied the knot at the venue.

  4. Santhosh says:

    Though the checklist is exceptionally comprehensive and talks about every little decision, the one point it jumbles is accommodation. It is always best to have lodgings for outstation guests at the venue of the wedding to avoid transportation headaches. Therefore, rooms need to be booked alongside the site and not later.

  5. Phelina says:

    The timeline for bridal dress as stated in the post is perfect for women who are looking for off the rack options. For those brides, who want custom attires made it is necessary to start planning at least 5 months in advance. IT takes time to create any dress from scratch.

  6. Ishaan says:

    For the bridal makeup an added advice I give, from years of experience, is to call the artist to the location if the wedding venue is out of the way. It will save the bride a lot of time travelling to and fro from the place.

  7. Goldina says:

    My wedding is scheduled for the month of October. The above checklist would help me to plan for my wedding effectively. I have decided to plan things for my wedding well ahead so I could complete all the arrangments on time.

  8. Natraj says:

    It is true that you must book your event venues well ahead of your wedding date. This would help to conduct your weddings in popular wedding venues of your choice. It is really an informative post for people hosting a wedding.

  9. Eivine says:

    Two months before the wedding is the crucial period for the organizersx as there are several things to be finalized. Decide the caterer, decorator before two months of your wedding. The post is a great source of information on planning your wedding in advance.

  10. Jodhpurkar says:

    It is good that you design your wedding attires get designed well ahead so that your wedding dress gets ready on time. Choose the accessories that suit your wedding attire. Book the accommodation well in advance for your guest

  11. Sathish says:

    Really an informative post I would use the above recommendations for my daughter’s wedding which is scheduled after six months. Hope the checklist mentioned above is useful for the wedding planning. I thanks the cakesbindy team for this useful post.

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