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September 15, 2017
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A wedding celebration becomes incomplete without food. Food is the foremost thing that people consider when planning for a big event or a small party. People wish to offer their guests the best food with no compromise on the taste. Caterers and Bridal Makeup Artist are in high demand during wedding season so booking them in advance is vital. The link food.ndtv.com/food-drinks/6-indian-wedding-food-trends-to-look-out-for-from-food-trucks-to-diy-dishes-and-more-1754918 talks about various food that are trending for grand events. To make your guests happy with mouthwatering dishes choose the right caterer based on your requirements. The article below would help you in selecting the right caterers in Mumbai.

Here is the list of some of the popular caterers in Mumbai and the catering services offered.

Gulati Caterers
Gulati caterers are in the food industry for nearly forty-five years. They have earned good reputation and fame in their service. They offer catering to various type of events like weddings, engagement parties, birthday parties,shower, corporate meetings, etc. They are known for serving the best authentic food to their guests. Gulati Caterers are pioneers in offering the best taste of popular cuisines like Gujarati, Punjabi, Rajasthani, South Indian, etc. They also serve some mouth-watering dishes from the global cuisine.

Food Zest
Food Zest is one of the leading caterers in the city of Mumbai. The team is headed by Millind Fernandes who is passionate in offering tasty and hygienic food to his guests. Food Zest does not compromise on the taste and the quality of food offered. If you wish to include food from Indian and International cuisine, then Food Zest would be a perfect choice.

Kailash Parbat
This caterer is known for offering the best vegetarian food for various types of events like wedding, parties, etc. They prepare unique and special dishes from cuisines all over the world. With an experience of over fifty years in this industry, they are aware of the requirements of their customers. This makes them the preferred choice for several grand events.

Maharaja Bhog
Maharaja Bhog is an exceptional caterer who is known for serving mouthwatering and high-quality vegetarian dishes. Guests enjoy eating their dishes from Gujarati and Rajasthani cuisine. They make use of handmade masala for all their dishes which makes the taste unique and outstanding.

The Gaurav Caterers
Gaurav Caterers have high experience in the Food and Beverage industry for nearly twenty years. They can manage any number of guests and offer them dishes from all over the world. They are known for their lip-smacking food. They have a dedicated team who prepare the best high-quality food. They undertake small or big party orders.

Trupti Group
Trupti Group offers tasty and high-quality food for their guests. They have won several awards for their service in the Food Industry. They are reliable caterers, and they have offered food for some of the popular events in Mumbai. They can manage huge number guest simultaneously.

Rashmi Foods
Rashmi Food Pvt Ltd is working on a motive to offer healthy and tasty food for their guests. They undertake outdoor catering and also serve packaged meals to the corporate offices in and around Mumbai. The success of the caterer is due to their importance for quality and hygiene in preparing their food for any events.

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